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Sterling's Nursery: Inspired by Classic Tales and Forest Friends

I've found myself starting to brainstorm decor ideas and themes for a "Little Boy" room for Sterling lately. The problem with this is I felt like I never really completed his nursery. At one and a half, it seemed overdue to finish the details that were left by the wayside to life's busy days. The last couple weeks I've been dedicating an hour or so each day to complete the paintings and final touches on his decor.

My inspiration for his nursery came from some of my own favorite childhood stories like Winnie the Pooh and Brambly Hedge. I loved the idea of the bedroom feeling like it's nestled among some trees with a few furry friends living inside.

I also gravitated to the classic decor and styles of traditional nurseries like the one in Father of the Bride 2.

When we found our home, one of my favorite things about the house was this small alcove of a room adjacent to the Master Suite. The ceilings are slanted on each side (it's a finished out attic) and neither Matt or I can hardly stand up straight unless we are walking in the very center. The room as is was full of charm with a bunch of built in features like a wall full of mini closets, a reading bench, and a huge bookcase. It feels so cozy in there and perfect for my nursery vision!

I knew that I wanted to painted some sort of wooded mural scene into the room to achieve the "living in the forest" feel. I kept everything else fairly simple and neutral to avoid the small room feeling too busy and cluttered. I tried to use a lot of natural fabrics, finishes and materials where possible. Linen, wood grain, and woven baskets seemed to keep with the room's inspiration.

My very talented sister in law painted the majority of the mural in the room. I shared with her my vision and she figured out how to fit it into the space. I love that she created a cluster of birch trees around the chimney stack. The animals are my favorite elements though. The deer and bunny give me a grin every time I walk into the room.

Brands like Maileg, Hazel Village and Jelly Cat were my "go tos" for filling the room with furry friends. Their critters have a hand crafted, heritage feel... not to mention the cute accessories that they make to go with them like clothes and furniture!

Since the room is already small, we decided on a mini crib to save space. (Little did we know that Sterling would be such a big kid!) We're currently trying to figure out if we upgrade him to a full crib or stretch it out just a bit longer and then transition him to a big kid bed. As it is he's just about out of space to be able to stretch out completely.

The built ins have provided some opportunities to play with seasonal decor. It's usually filled with vintage books and baby keepsakes, but in the fall I fill the shelves with display pumpkins and foilage and at Christmas it's a forest of bottle brush trees. I know that my time is limited for the perfectly staged displays. Sterling's already pulling things out and every month he seems to be able to reach the next shelf up.

It's been fun watching Sterling grow and realize that this is his own space - from just taking his naps in there to playing daily and rearranging things to his liking. He frequently sits at the table taking up company with his stuffed animals and loves to crawl into the rocker on his own to "read" his books. I'm glad he feels at home here, it's also become one of my favorite spaces in the house as well!


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