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20 Minute Craft - Spring Magnolia Wreath

Whenever I have some extra time on my hands, my first activity of choice is always a craft. Our front stoop is a work in progress, but I thought I could easily brighten it up with a spring wreath.

I’ve been eyeing some cute pre-made options, but then I figured why not make one?

I bought the supplies at Hobby Lobby over the weekend. They can be ordered online too! (Links for supplies at the bottom of the post)

I’m often hesitant to use silk flowers and garlands, I guess I get hung up on their reputation of looking cheesy. Lately I've been finding some good options out there and I'm pretty happy with the look of the ones I chose. Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Pottery Barn have been my favorite places for faux foliage.

What I loved about this is it was complete in 20 minutes! Talk about instant gratification. It was minimal mess, minimal supplies and something I could start and finish while Sterling was napping.

All in, I spent less than $30 for the wreath, which is much less than some of the other options I was looking at if they were already assembled.

I used a grapevine wreath for the base. I prefer these to the green wire ones because they lend some natural elements and take less to make them look full.

When I was at the store I mocked up the wreath on the floor and decided that one garland wouldn’t be enough. Since the magnolia flowers are so large, I thought another bloom garland would make it too busy. I found a magnolia leaf garland to use instead.


I used floral wire and scissors (I should have used wire cutters, but I knew I wasn’t going to make too many cuts and didn’t feel like searching for my cutters)

Hot glue would also work well if that’s what you have around.

I started with the greenery only garland to lay the foundation. Each garland wrapped around about one and a quarter times, so I had to stagger the floral garland just a bit to hide this. Using the floral wire, I made an initial loop attaching the garland into the wreath and twisted it to secure. I then wrapped the garland to the wreath with the wire, making sure I wasn’t pinning any leaves down and trying to use the garland to camouflage the wire from showing too much. I tried to concentrate the greenery garland more to the outside of the wreath and the floral garland filled in closer to the center.

I separately wired any flowers or branches in place that felt like they weren’t quite laying where I wanted them to. You could also accomplish this with hot glue.

I debated finishing the wreath off with a ribbon, but in the end, I liked the simplicity of just the flowers for our door.

And finished! Seriously this project was so quick and easy, I’m tempted to make more wreaths for our front windows too.


Grapevine wreath

Other options


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