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Our Wedding, Part 2: My Dress

I often tell my brides to keep their minds open when it comes to their wedding dress. You can be drawn to a certain style (pinning dozens of similar images on Pinterest) only to find that the silhouette isn't flattering on your body type. Alternately, the style you liked may look nice, but another, unforeseen style looks amazing on you.

To all my clients present and future, Please do as I say, not as I do.

I too had a certain dress in mind. I had pinned dozens upon dozens of the same idea of dress over the years. It was a cross between Grace Kelly meets Katherine Middleton with a little Father of the Bride (both original and remake) in the mix. Long lace sleeves, full satin skirt with train, cathedral veil, and a fun architectural element like an oversized bow.

I did try on some other styles to weigh my options (there was a matte gold skirted number in there at one point, much to my mother's horror), but nothing seemed to beat the original inspiration I had been drawn to for so many years.

Here was the problem. This dress? Couldn't find it. The funny thing about wedding dress shopping is that it's really fun, until it's not. The champagne toasts and gasps at each style quickly turn to "does this one look a little like what you're going for??"

I kept coming across long lace sleeves with tulle skirts or satin skirts with beading and rhinestones.

Enter Alexis from La Belle Salon. I had found her because they were the only shop to carry Pronovias, a designer I really loved. Though it was great to see the line in person, still none of the pieces were "quite right" (sensing a trend with me yet?) She listened to my woes and saved the day with an idea - What if we took elements of other dresses and separates to build the dress I was dreaming of?

She set to work, the sweetheart top of this dress sewn to a box pleat satin skirt, lace sleeves over the strapless top... but remove the sash first...

It was like a scene out of Cinderella - minus the sewing mice.

A belt and bow were added just the day before the wedding.

I can hardly believe it came together like it did.

I didn't set out to create a custom dress, but I'm lucky to have found the right person to help me bring my vision to life.

Thank you Alexis! I'll always be indebted to you and your creativity!

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