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My Christmas Home

I meant to put these up earlier, but here’s a little taste of this year’s holiday décor.

My big challenge with my current apartment continues to be some of the unsightly fixtures and making due with things like a lack of fireplace. I guess that’s renting in the city. Still, there is much more room here than in the small farmhouse for festive additions, and for that, I'm thankful.

My tree, just like in years past, came from the Christmas tree lot Matt runs with his brother. I try to take one of the less popular trees to save the rest for their customers. This year’s came without a top. It broke in shipping and was a fun challenge to take on. I envisioned a winter scape and found this globe. With a curious kitty, the glass lasted about two weeks. Luckily the base survived the inevitable fall.

It's tough to see with the backlight, but the garland and wreaths that were left over from the tree lot were my favorite decorations of all. I hung them on the three main windows. I love bringing the outdoors inside and this greenery was so simple and festive.

I decided I wanted to put up all my family ornaments on a separate tree with colored lights. I anticipated it to be a little kitschy, but it ended up being my favorite tree between the two. Maybe next year I’ll throw color schemes out the window and make it the main tree.

I found these little Rosanna plates at a pharmacy a couple years ago. I just love them. I sat them on a shelf made by Matt’s brother of salvage maple.

Because Christmas décor tends to be a lot of extra “stuff” to put out, I try to avoid things looking over cluttered by packing some of my year round items away for the season. I’ve gotten into the habit of finding functional pieces like pillows, blankets, table cloths, runners and towels. I also swap out pictures for seasonal frames.

This little lady proved to be the biggest challenge for decor. The Christmas tree was just too tempting to leave alone and too many times I'd find her where she's not supposed to be. I'm not ready to put decorations away yet this year, but the one thing that's providing motivation is the relief from her mischief.

Last but not least, these were out Christmas cards/ Engagement announcements that we sent out with a picture from our engagement session.

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